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An open source platform for creation of 3D- and VR- compatible web-spaces (websites) and objects, powered by Blockchain.
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MARK.SPACE is an alternative reality, available in any browser, without pre-installation and registration. This platform is compatible with any VR-headset - entire world comprising shops, offices, banks, cinemas, clubs, communities of interest and personal spaces.

Technically, MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet: compatible websites that, on the one hand are independent (since they have their own domain) and on the other are united by a common transaction and accounting system on the Blockchain and a global search engine. In addition, any user can visit the 3D / VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) spaces inside the universe MARK.SPACE for free.

Units are the foundation of the MARK.SPACE universe - virtual real estates with an open source address. The register of property accounting for each unit is maintained on the Blockchain, which ensures the security of personal data. Units may be sold or leased to other users through smart contracts.

With an audience exceeding 3 bln people, they are the main channel for communication and consuming content. Thanks to the visual capabilities of 3D / VR and powerful platform communication tools (p2p voice communication, interactivity of units in ecosystem, multithreaded broadcasts), the social virtual life of MARK.SPACE will be very similar to the ideal real life of its users.


Never again will distance be an issue for visiting a museum or art-gallery. Being in New York, you are just one click away from visiting the National Gallery in London, the same way you would experience it in real life.

You can create your own unique interior, stylize it the way you like and invite your friends for a visit!
Celebrity Apartments;
My apartment - show my friends how I live (would like to live).

Those who prefer offline purchases will soon change their mind, because buying stuff on the Internet will become easier than ever. You will save precious time visiting brick and mortar shops, while still enjoying the same shopping experience.

Business communication has never been so productive. You now can communicate with partners from all locations, as well as if they were with you in the same room, saving time and money.

Coming soon.


The demand for the virtualization of commercial projects is too difficult to implement at the moment. In terms of costs and the creation of virtual stores, merging such projects is out of the question.

We have built a platform that allows anyone to create and design commercial VR-spaces without the need to know even the basics of coding and 3D modeling.




  • auto business

  • restaurant business

  • gaming business

  • shopping

  • 18+

  • Movie & Entertainment

  • Presentations

  • Casino


  • What does this token represent:
    Utility token
  • Symbol:
  • Circulation supply:
    2018: 500 mln, 2019: 500 mln




    1 round - 1 MRK = 0,07143 USD
    2 round - 1 MRK = 0,08333 USD
    3 round - 1 MRK = 0,08696 USD
    4 round - 1 MRK = 0,0909 USD
  • 28.02.2018
    5 round - 1 MRK = 0,1 USD




PRESS about us


  • What are some advantages of MARK.SPACE? What differentiates you from other projects combining VR and blockchain technologies?

    It’s really very simple: The use of VR and blockchain is the only similarity with other projects, while everything else is different. Here are some of our main advantages:
    - High-level readiness, even before the token sale (check our demo and visual constructor to experience it yourself);
    - Cross-platform use: our product runs on practically any platform; any type of smartphone, tablet, desktop PC, and even on Smart-TV.
    - User-friendliness: no knowledge of programming language required to use the platform and to create your own virtual spaces;
    - This project is developed in-house and funded by its founders;

  • Do I need a VR-headset to use the platform? What type of VR-headsets are supported?

    You don’t need a VR-headset to use the platform. You will, however, be able to use them in the future, as we are going to support all popular brands of VR-headsets.

  • Where is your company registered?

    Singapore. After carefully analyzing the economic trends and developments, Singapore was chosen as the country to register our company, because their government regulations are very friendly towards cryptocurrencies.

  • Do u have office/headquarter & also operate from Singapore?

    Headquarter and development team is now located mostly in Moscow. However, we moved already our legal structure and transferring intellectual property to Singaporean company because it is better for international business and Token sale process. After the Token sale we will open our representative offices in Singapore and Tokyo, and in fact, we already have some staff in Tokyo and Singapore.

  • What is your token?

    MRK. MRK is a Utility Token.

  • Are there any restrictions when buying your tokens?

    Yes, there are. The maximum amount for buying is 500 ETH or 50 BTC

  • Do you plan to restrict the whales (investors)?

    Yes, we will restrict the whales. We fully understand that they will keep the value of the token at their favorable level, which infringes the interests of all other investors. We will do our best to prevent this.

  • Where I can find more information on your company’s events?

    For more information about company events and our presence on international conferences, please visit our Facebook, Telegram and/or Twitter. Our main communication channel is a corporate chat in Telegram:

  • What is the minimum contribution?

    The minimum transaction is 0.1 ETH or 0.01 BTC. The maximum = 500 ETH or 50 BTC.

  • How do I take part in the Token sale?

    You can buy tokens for ETH or BTC on the official website of the project Never send money to wallets published on our social networks or on any other sources. Only the official website contains the legitimate wallet.

  • Can I buy your token with credit card?

    Yes, you can. Here is detailed step-by-step guide:

  • What are the presale and token sale start and end dates?

    Pre-sale October 31, 2017 - December 31, 2017.
    Token sale January 23, 2018 – February 28, 2018

  • How many funds do you need to attract for the Token sale to be successful?

    Hard cap for Token Sale Stage I is $35 000 000

  • How will tokens be redeemed from the market?

    Redemption of tokens from the market will not happen. The MRK token will be fully used within the project.

  • How will my personal data be protected?

    By means of encryption. Either way, your personal data is never involved in transactions, so no one can track your data through a blockchain.

  • How will the received tokens be distributed?

    Tokens for sale - 32.84%

    in mln
    Time when
    token sale
    is frozen
    ANGEL FUND1003,34%4 months
    TOKEN SALE FUND88529.50%-
    RENDERING FUND86028.66%6 months
    LIQUIDITY FUND57019,00%3 months
    TEAM30010,00%12 months
    ANGELS1806%12 months
    CONSULTANTS903%12 months
    BOUNTY FUND150,50%1,5 months

  • Which payment methods will be accepted in the Token sale?

    ETH and BTC.

  • Where can I read your Whitepaper?

    Our Whitepaper is available via this link:

  • Can I participate without creating a new wallet?

    You can! Our tokens have the ERC20 standard, so you can use your existing ETH wallet to which we will transfer the tokens.

  • What is the total supply of MRK tokens?

    The total supply is (three billion) MRK tokens.

  • How are tokens secured?

    Through the blockchain.

  • How are user funds secured?

    Users do not have funds. We only store ERC20 standard tokens, which are supported and secured by the blockchain.

  • How will the system be decentralized?

    In three stages:
    - Implementation of the blockchain.
    - Decentralization of rendering.
    - Decentralization of file storage.

  • How I can profit from buying MRK tokens?

    We are not in a position to make public statements and/or forecasts that you will profit from buying MRK tokens. However, here are a few options how you may use MRK tokens on our platform:
    - first and foremost, you may buy virtual real estate, and later on you will be able to
    - develop/sell/rent your virtual estate
    - buy/sell goods and services within our platform
    - receive payments from advertisement outside or inside of your virtual estate

  • What kind of 3D/VR-technology used in MARK.SPACE platform?

    That is webVR plus our code on top of it

  • The demo does not work properly on mobile, how come?

    For the mobile version to function properly, follow the instructions “How to correctly use the website”.

  • On which platform is the token released?

    The MRK token is released on the ETH platform (ethereum)

  • On which exchanges will your tokens be listed?

    We have agreement with COSS exchange and preliminary agreement with HUOBI. We continue talks with other exchanges yet we cannot disclose their names at this stage per their request.

  • What happens if you do not collect the amount?

    Our site specifies the stages of development, depending on the amount collected, including the functioning of the system, which will be provided if we collect any amount less than $ 5 million.

  • Tell us about your team: who they are? what experience do they have? Are they competent in the field that you represent?

    The professional experience of our team members is described in detail in the Team section of our website:
    Each of the team members has rich experience in that functional area, for which they are responsible.

  • Where I can find information about funds raised to this moment?

    You may find full information at
    Also, funds raised in ETH can be checked via

  • I didn’t find the answer to my question :-(

    Please send any unanswered questions to: [email protected]

Stay tuned!

The tokens you purchased under certain conditions may be considered securities under U.S. law, and they were not sold in compliance with U.S. law in addition to the fact that U.S. citizens and residents are restricted to participate in MRK Token Sale under article 6 of MRK General Terms & Conditions of the MRK Tokens Sale. If you purchased MRK Tokens being in the U.S. or if you are U.S. citizen or resident and you do not wish to continue to hold your MRK Tokens, you have the right for the next 30 days to tender your tokens to Mark.Space via [email protected], at which point you will have the right to your money back after documentary proof of purchase of MRK Tokens from Mark.Space during the MRK Token Sale and KYC. You will not receive any interest or gains on your token. If you prefer to remain a holder, please note that you will be deemed to have waived any further right to demand return of your money or assets provided for acquisition of MRK Tokens.

The information published on this website is not a public offer of "MARK.SPACE". Please note that you are fully liable for the decisions you make following the information published on this website.

You have no right and should not purchase "MARK.SPACE" tokens in case you are a citizen, resident (tax or else) or green card holder of the United States of America as well as China or you represent these countries somehow else.

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